Taiwan Tour 2019

TRENDING | TMS Taiwan Tour 2019

TMS Taiwan Tour! Hop on the plane and head to Taiwan this round for a short excursion and team building! Albeit the severe downpours over the week, we still get to enjoy the cool weather and mouth-watering food and scenery from Chin-Jing Farm to Sun Moon Lake.

Also we’ve got the chance to attend Hakka LeiCha Class and learn how to grind the ingredients into LeiCha. Due to bad weather, we had altered a few destinations on this trip. Our tour guide purposed to visit the all-famous Pineapple-tart factory where we have the chance to attend the pineapple-tart baking class – no doubt it was fun playing with dough and molds. Last but not least – dining & shopping in Taipei 101, ShiLin Nightmarket and Gloria Outlets.

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