What is TMS?

Time - Material - Space. We execute project within timeframe, based on timeless past and future and offered a vast variety of materials based on latest technology and trends. We also utilize area and space based on proper design terminology.

Why TMS?

We have years of experiences when it comes to design & built, be it sophisticated requirements or meeting tight deadlines. Allow us to demonstrate our services at your disposal. Engage us today!

Define TMS

TMS design was established in 2003 as a regional company to provide clients with a comprehensive range of services. We have dedicated professionals with rich experiences in creative design, supported with quality construction materials and project management. Our core values are transforming brand and cultures into powerful environments concentrating on high output design qualities, standards that meet our client’s specifications.

We provide comprehensive services through the cooperation of five core process to provide definitions, trend research, and tools to deliver intelligent workplace design from pre-design to post-occupancy.

Our design process is driven by inspiration, clear direction, and open dialogue that promotes collaboration and alignment with project team & client throughout all phases of development. A single point of accountability ensures clarity of decision making and empowers the accountable person to complete the task within scheduled timeframe and stipulated budget. Whilst, our greatest achievement is measured through our client’s success.

Meet the team

Our Culture

Our team is built up with diversities of culture from Sales, Project Management to Designers with hands-on experience on challenging projects that deliver qualities and expectation. We value work ethics that cultivate with the following :-


Team Work


Think Out of The Box

Customer Oriented




Honesty and Integrity

Time Management

Local Projects
Oversea Projects
On-Site Workers
Johnny Tay
Managing Director
Derrick Yeo
Managing Director
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